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A Frank Zeek Tiger is: Peaceful, Responsible, Respectable, Safe
Student unicorn fairy costume

A magical creature picking up school materials

Drive Thru Trick or Treat staff

Staff School Spirit!

Materials distribution on Halloween

Halloween Teachers!

Smith/Pummill Clan, Drive Thru Trick or Treat

Smith/Pummill Clan!

Decorated Car 2 Drive Thru Trick or Treat

Spooky School Spirit at the Drive-Thru Trick or Treat!

Drive-Thru Trick or Treat Decorated Car 1

Frank Zeek School Spirit at the Drive-Thru Trick or Treat!

1st Grade Materials Distribution

Mrs. Logan and Miss E. making sure our kids get what they need!

Mrs. Brown, Principal

Mrs. Brown is missing being able to see all of you in person!!

Mr. Ricardo

Mr. Ricardo is working hard but stopped to say hi!

Mr. Jack

Mr. Jack is working on a surprise! Can you tell what it is?

Mr. Tony

Mr. Tony pauses his hard work to say hello!

Rainbow over Frank Zeek!

Current Topics

Vaping Presentation for Parents and Guardians

Here is a presentation to help educate your kids about the dangers of vaping. Topics covered include examples of how the industry is marketing to children, what the products look like, and data about tobacco and cannabis use among students in California and at Ukiah Unified. Please use this as a guide for discussions with your children about the dangers of vaping.

Emergency Late Start and Emergency Early Release Schedules

If there is a Public Safety Power Shutoff or another emergency that lasts more than a few hours, it may be necessary to cancel school, delay the start time of school, or close school early. To this end, we have created two alternative schedules: an emergency late start schedule and an emergency early release schedule.